Dynamically Regrouping QuerySets In Templates - Building SaaS #73


In this episode, we worked on a new view to display course resources. While building out the template, I used some template tags to dynamically regroup a queryset into a more useful data format for rendering.

I started a new view before the stream to display content, but I had not filled it in before the stream started.

We added new data to the context, and did some adjustments to the URL based on the required inputs for the view.

Once I had the data, I quickly iterated in the template to see the parts that I included. I needed to display the course resources in a different way from how the queryset provided them so I used the built-in regroup template tag to organize the data differently. regroup saved me from doing a bunch of manipulation in the view code.

To finish off the feature, I added some automated tests to cement the view so I can be confident in changing it in the future.