Empty States - Building SaaS #83


In this episode, I returned to the onboarding flow and start to polish some of the extra pages. We filled the pages with special copy and a call to action to each page to help customers be successful.

I started with the pages that displays the school years. We added a chunk of template from the onboarding process that asks the user to create a school year. I modified the template chunk to make it fit in the context of the page.

Next, I moved onto the index page that lists all the students in a user’s account. I took another chunk from my main app view, refactored it into a partial template and then used it in two places. I did some testing to make sure that the old view continued to work.

After completing that empty state, I tackled another logical state when the user wants to view their weekly schedule, but they have no enrolled students. This is another state that can’t show the full schedule, so I added more help and another call to action to help users along in the process.

To finish off the stream, I tried to add pytest-xdist to make the test suite run in parallel and run faster. I found that the extra process overhead negated the speed boost for my small test suite.