Create A Form Template - Building SaaS #78


In this episode, I created a template for one of my new forms on the new social media app that I’m building. We talked about context data, template styling, and special considerations for forms in templates.

I had an empty template for the invite sending form to begin.

I filled in a first attempt at the template with a header and displaying form errors. While building that, I added some context information that was needed for the display.

Since this is a new app, I created new styles that didn’t exist yet. We needed a disabled button style for the scenario when the user can’t send an invite.

After styling things, I added the hidden form data that the Django view expected to receive before sending an invite to another user.

Once the form was functional, we updated the template to include informational copy to make the page more understandable. In the process of adding that copy, I added some dynamic data to show how many remaining connections the user had available.

I put this new data on the User model and wrote some tests for this.