I’m Matt, a software creator. Here are things I do:

Build apps on YouTube

I’m regularly streaming on YouTube. On most Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern time, I’m streaming on YouTube to build a Django application. My primary goal is to teach others how to build complex web projects and all the skills that they’ll need to produce something that’s more than a tutorial app.

Want to check it out? I post the streams on YouTube at the Building SaaS with Python and Django playlist.

Frederick Technology

Frederick is a lovely small city to the Northwest of Washington, D.C. I’m involved in the technology scene to find community and foster a love of tech among my fellow citizens.

I care deeply about my home, and I push hard to make sure that its citizens have the opportunity to learn about technology.


I’m currently a senior staff software engineer at Included Health. Included Health connects patients to doctors with video calls to solve common health problems. I write code using Django (and Go) to make the patient experience as good as it can be.

I worked at Storybird. Storybird makes it possible for people to share creative stories through book and poetry writing. I was the lead software engineer with the opportunity to make Storybird an even better place to share stories. I got to write Python and JavaScript every day and help make the internet more awesome.

Lockheed Martin was my employer. While there, I worked on a wide range of products. You might have heard of some of them, like GPS or satellite phones. I also gained experience with Modeling and Simulation software, web applications, and complex configuration management.


I am a family man. I consider myself blessed to have a loving wife, Elease, and two great kids, Mark and Faye. My children are young so my life is a little hectic, but that’s perfectly fine with me.


I am a Christian, and I attend New Hope OPC. My hope is that my faith reflects on all of my behavior, and that I show kindness, humility, and love.