I’m Matt, a software creator. Here are things I do:

Consult on the Django web framework

With over a decade of web development experience, I consult on the Django web framework. If your team needs Django training, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Build apps on Twitch

I’m regularly streaming on Twitch. On most Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern time, I’m streaming on Twitch to build a Django application. My primary goal is to teach others how to build complex web projects and all the skills that they’ll need to produce something that’s more than a tutorial app.

Want to check it out? I post the streams on YouTube at the Building SaaS with Python and Django playlist.

Frederick Technology

Frederick is a lovely small city to the Northwest of Washington, D.C. I’m involved in the technology scene to find community and foster a love of tech among my fellow citizens.

I care deeply about my home, and I push hard to make sure that its citizens have the opportunity to learn about technology.

Open Source

I enjoy spending time on many open source projects. These days I’m mostly working on Django apps, but I’ve maintained some open source projects and still work on some of them today.

Django REST Framework JSON API

In 2017, I picked up the torch as the maintainer of the Django REST Framework JSON API package. This package translates Django REST Framework API output into the JSON API format.


Automated software testing is generally useful, and the Test Anything Protocol (TAP) is a way to track those automated results. I wrote a set of TAP generators for Python that hook in with Python’s testing ecosystem. The core project is called tappy.


I’m currently the software architect at Doctor on Demand. Doctor on Demand connects patients to doctors with video calls to solve common health problems. I write code using Django to make the patient experience as good as it can be.

I worked at Storybird. Storybird makes it possible for people to share creative stories through book and poetry writing. I was the lead software engineer with the opportunity to make Storybird an even better place to share stories. I got to write Python and JavaScript every day and help make the internet more awesome.

Lockheed Martin was my employer. While there, I worked on a wide range of products. You might have heard of some of them, like GPS or satellite phones. I also gained experience with Modeling and Simulation software, web applications, and complex configuration management.


I am a family man. I consider myself blessed to have a loving wife, Elease, and two great kids, Mark and Faye. My children are young so my life is a little hectic, but that’s perfectly fine with me.


I am a Christian, and I attend New Hope OPC. My hope is that my faith reflects on all of my behavior, and that I show kindness, humility, and love.