Bread and Butter Django - Building SaaS #58


In this episode, I worked on a views and templates. There are a number of core pages that are required to flesh out the minimal interface for the app. We’re building them.

I began by showing the page that we were going to work on. I outlined the changes I planned to make, then we started.

The first thing we added was data about the school year, the main model on display in the page. I showed how to mock in the elements before adding real data.

Once the data was mocked in, I wrote some model methods on SchoolYear to get the data that I needed to display. I created a display_days method that will show the days that the school year runs on.

After I had the new method, we plugged it in and continued to expand the remainder of the template. I used the Django date template tag to format some dates.

Then we added buttons for the action elements that the page will have.

To finish the stream, we set the grid layout of where the courses will display for each grade level.