Customer Feedback - Building SaaS #82


In this episode, I worked on feedback from my primary customer. We fixed a couple of issues that she reported, then moved on to more of the onboarding flow.

Before getting to the code, we chatted about ways to learn to code. I linked to a popular book, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, and some good web tutorials for learning Django.

The first bit of customer feedback that I worked on was to add a back link from a course details to get a user back to the grade level that holds the course. I added the appropriate anchor tag in the destination template. We tested the URL manually to confirm that a properly crafted link would behave as we expect. Then I switched to the course detail page, found the spot in the UI that needed the new link, and added the link back to the anchor tag that I added in the other template.

I took a break to have a discussion on a question from the chat about JavaScript versus Python. I tried to compare the languages fairly, even though I have an obvious bias.

After that break, I moved to my next customer issue. The customer wanted the ability to print out one of the page, but the page wasn’t designed for printing so the output looked terrible. I went into the template and added some CSS classes to improve the print layout of the page.

For my final change for the stream, we returned to the onboarding work. I need to add some polish to filling in pages when there is no data to guide users on what to create and why. I worked on my main page and added some template work for the scenario when the user has no students. I completed the template to finish off the stream.