Understand Django

Understand Django is a series of articles focused on learning the Django web framework to build web applications with Python.

The articles build on each other to increase your understanding of how to use Django. The series explains how Django works. If you’re new to Django, you can start from the beginning. The articles assume you have little or no prior knowledge of doing web development.

  1. From Browser To Django
  2. URLs Lead The Way
  3. Views On Views
  4. Templates For User Interfaces
  5. User Interaction With Forms
  6. Store Data With Models
  7. Administer All The Things
  8. Anatomy Of An Application
  9. User Authentication
  10. Middleware Do You Go?
  11. Serving Static Files
  12. Test Your Apps
  13. Deploy A Site Live
  14. Per-visitor Data With Sessions
  15. Making Sense Of Settings
  16. User File Use
  17. Command Your App
  18. Go Fast With Django
  19. Security And Django
  20. Debugging Tips And Techniques