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Django Tutorial Adventure Part 2

What happens when you take a novice web developer and put him in front of an audience equipped with the Django tutorial only? That’s what we did at Python Frederick. The conversation …

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Build Native Mobile Apps with Python (BeeWare)

You can build mobile applications with Python? Absolutely. At Python Frederick’s October 2018 presentation, Bob Marchese showed us how to use BeeWare, a suite of tools for building …

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Data science in Python

How do you get into the rich field of data science and the array of tools that are available in Python? Christine Lee provided an excellent overview of the data science ecosystem. The talk, …

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Scraping the web with Scrapy

Scrapy is a great tool to get data from a website that does not offer any API. Micah Nordland showed Python Frederick how to use the tool and taught the group the core concepts of Scrapy. …

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Web frameworks shootout

The Python world is full of web frameworks. This post includes the Python Frederick video presentation comparing 5 popular Python web frameworks that I presented in October 2017.

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Pipfile and pipenv

Python has many methods to manage software package dependencies. The Python Packaging Authority proposed a new standard format called a Pipfile. This post includes the Python Frederick video …