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A software creator / Django consultant

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Django Tutorial Adventure Part 2

What happens when you take a novice web developer and put him in front of an audience equipped with the Django tutorial only? That’s what we did at Python Frederick. The conversation and learning that resulted was awesome. Check out the video on YouTube to see what you can learn too!

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Deciphering Python: How to use Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) to understand code

How does the Python program run your code? How can you understand how your code runs? This post explores Abstract Syntax Trees (AST), a vital part of how Python evaluates code before running it. We’ll use an AST in a practical example to show you how to learn more about your code for your benefit.

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Building SaaS with Python on Twitch

I am now streaming on Twitch. The stream shows how I build a Software as a Service (SaaS) called College Conductor. I explain how to use Python and Django when working on a larger application.

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Build Native Mobile Apps with Python (BeeWare)

You can build mobile applications with Python? Absolutely. At Python Frederick’s October 2018 presentation, Bob Marchese showed us how to use BeeWare, a suite of tools for building mobile apps (among other things). This post includes links to the YouTube presentation and his material.

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Consistent Python code with Black

Code is read far more than it is written. By using a consistent style, the readability of a project can improve dramatically. This post focuses on Black, a code formatter, how it can improve your project’s code style, and how you or your team can use it.

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A tale of two site generators

I switched my website from a custom made tool, handroll, to a very popular static site generator, Hugo. Why would someone switch from something tailor-made to a different tool? I explore what I’ve learned from going my own way for many years.