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A software creator / Django consultant

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Ansible Cranked to 11

On last week’s Twitch stream, I added Mitogen to my Ansible deploy, and it dramatically improved how fast I could deploy to my site.

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Building SaaS in January

This month on the Building SaaS with Python and Django stream, we covered completing a 3rd party integration, creating admin dashboards, and how to make automation tools to speed up tedious manual tasks. The stream is on Wednesdays at 9pm ET on Twitch.

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The Sleepy Developer: How Sleep Affects Your Code

What is the role of sleep in the life of a developer? We’ll look at the importance of sleep and the obstacles preventing devs from getting enough of it.

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Local web development vs Vagrant vs Docker: What’s right for you?

Web development is full of tools that claim to help you develop your perfect application. What’s the right tool? Let’s explore options like Docker, Vagrant, and honcho to see which tool can work for you on your next (or current) web app.

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Django Tutorial Adventure Part 2

What happens when you take a novice web developer and put him in front of an audience equipped with the Django tutorial only? That’s what we did at Python Frederick. The conversation and learning that resulted was awesome. Check out the video on YouTube to see what you can learn too!

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Deciphering Python: How to use Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) to understand code

How does the Python program run your code? How can you understand how your code runs? This post explores Abstract Syntax Trees (AST), a vital part of how Python evaluates code before running it. We’ll use an AST in a practical example to show you how to learn more about your code for your benefit.