I’m Matt Layman.

I want to help you learn more about Django and Python.

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Views On Views

Django URLs expect to send a response back to a user. Where does that response come from? A Django view! This article looks into the fundamentals of views and how to use them in your project.

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Django Riffs, a podcast for learning Django

I started a new podcast called Django Riffs. Django Riffs is all about learning how to use the Django web framework. The show will take beginners on a tour of Django to help them gain proficiency.

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Episode 2 - Enter With URLs

On this episode, we discuss Django’s front door, URLs. We talk about what URLs are, how to build them in Django, and the functions Django provides to work with URLs.

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Episode 1 - Get To Know Django

Django Riffs is a podcast for learning web application development in Python using the Django web framework. We explore all of Django’s features to equip listeners with the knowledge to build a web app.

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URLs Lead The Way

How does a Django site know where to send requests? You have to tell it! In this next article in the Understand Django series, we look at URLs and how to let your users get to the right place.

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Serverless Python And Why You Should Try It Out

At the January 2020 Python Frederick event, Patrick Pierson showed the group how you can use Python in different serverless services on AWS and GCP. He also showed a couple of serverless frameworks like Serverless and Chalice.

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From Browser To Django

Django helps you build websites in Python. How does it work? In this series, we’ll explore Django from top to bottom to show you how to build the website you’ve wanted. We’ll start from the beginning with the browser.

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A Failed SaaS Postmortem

My Software as a Service failed. After three years of running College Conductor, I’m shutting it down. The service failed for a host of reasons, and this article details what I learned from the whole experience.

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Python Tears Through Mass Spectrometry Data

At the November 2019 Python Frederick event, Conor Jenkins showed the group how mass spectrometry works and how Python saves huge amounts of time when processing the large amount of data produced by a mass spec analysis.

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Godot You Want To Make A Videogame

What is Godot? It’s an open source game engine for making high quality 2D or 3D videogames! At this Frederick Linux User Group (KeyLUG) presentation, I explained how Godot works, compared it with other popular engines, and showed off some of its features.

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Publish to DEV automatically with GitHub Actions

DEV is a great community for developer content. If you have articles that you don’t want live all at once, how can you publish on a schedule automatically? In this article, we use GitHub Actions to get your content online on your timeline.

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Python alternative to Docker

Are you using Python and thinking about containers to deploy your app? Before you jump to Docker, consider other package formats that may fit better. This article explores one such format from LinkedIn.

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Python Testing 201 with pytest

At Python Frederick this month, I presented on features of pytest to use when testing in Python. We looked at parametrize, test file organization, and fixtures. The recording is up on YouTube.

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Quick and dirty mock service with Starlette

Have you ever needed to mock out a third party service for use in a large testing environment? I recently did, and I used Starlette, a new async Python web framework, to do it. See what Starlette offers!

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On Patreon

Given how much content I put online, I’ve decided to create a Patreon account. If you’d like to financially support me with a few dollars, I’m extremely grateful.

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Using Git and GitHub to safely store your code

At Python Frederick this month, I presented the fundamentals of Git and GitHub. The recording is up on YouTube and I’ve posted all the material to GitHub.

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Supercharging Vim: Blazing fast search and global replace

Vim has good built-in search features. We can turn them into great search features and supercharge our workflows with some plugins and settings changes. Learn how to make your searches lightning fast.

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Strategy for developer weight loss

We know that software has No Silver Bullet for solving our problems without effort. The same is true with nutrition and diet. Is there anything developers can do to control their health better even if they are super busy?