Most Popular

Over the years, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics on my website. This page is my curated view of some of my more popular articles that I’ve created.


Python is the topic I write about most often. Here are some articles that people enjoyed:


Some of my content is posted on YouTube for those that are more visual learners.

  • Python Testing 101 with pytest is a presentation I did at Python Frederick in March of 2019. It’s an introduction into Python testing that assumes no prior knowledge of testing.
  • Building SaaS with Python and Django shows the entire playlist of my Twitch stream recordings where I build a Django application and cover all the details of putting an app onto the internet.
  • Pipfile and pipenv is another Python Frederick presentation that is from August 2017. We looked at the Pipfile format and how you can use pipenv to manage your project’s dependencies.
  • Web frameworks shootout is my attempt to explain a variety of popular Python web frameworks and compare and contrast them. It’s the recording from the Python Frederick meeting in October 2017.