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Publish to DEV automatically with GitHub Actions

DEV is a great community for developer content. If you have articles that you don’t want live all at once, how can you publish on a schedule automatically? In this article, we use GitHub Actions to get your content online on your timeline.

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Bring in the WhiteNoise, Bring in Da Funk - Building SaaS #34

In this episode, we added WhiteNoise to the app as a tool for handling static assets. This lets us move away from depending on Nginx for the task and gives shiny new features like Brotli support.

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Get Out, Git! - Building SaaS #33

In this episode, I removed the Git clone from the server. This is some of the final cleanup to streamline the deployment process.

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Python alternative to Docker

Are you using Python and thinking about containers to deploy your app? Before you jump to Docker, consider other package formats that may fit better. This article explores one such format from LinkedIn.

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Python Testing 201 with pytest

At Python Frederick this month, I presented on features of pytest to use when testing in Python. We looked at parametrize, test file organization, and fixtures. The recording is up on YouTube.

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wal-e Postgres Backups - Building SaaS #32

In this episode, we worked on Postgres database backups and modified the backup tool, wal-e, to use the Shiv app format.