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Most Abstract Function First Is Better

How should you order your functions in a file? Should helper functions go first or should you put them after a public interface? In this article, I’ll explain why I think putting the …

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A Failed SaaS Postmortem

My Software as a Service failed. After three years of running College Conductor, I’m shutting it down. The service failed for a host of reasons, and this article details what I learned …

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Local web development vs Vagrant vs Docker: What’s right for you?

Web development is full of tools that claim to help you develop your perfect application. What’s the right tool? Let’s explore options like Docker, Vagrant, and honcho to see …

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Doing code review

How can you start code reviews on your team? Your team might have questions similar to ones I recently received. I shared my thoughts as someone who has done regular code reviews for years.

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No nitpicking in code reviews

Code reviews improve the quality of software. But a code review can be done badly. In this post, we’ll look at some tools to make your code reviews as effective as possible.

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Cure for Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a popular subject in the software world. I believe there is a “cure” for this lack of self-confidence. We require a dose of Humility.

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dotfiles: Hone your software tools

Carpenters, painters, illustrators, and many other craftspeople collect tools over the years as their experience and skills grow. These tools help produce better work. Similarly, developers …

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Laziness is motivating

Laziness is a motivator for making good tools. By optimizing in ways that allow developers to be lazy, you can make tools that are more desirable to use.