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Vim 101: Basics of the Vim Text Editor

At the Frederick Open Source meetup this month, I talked about the Vim text editor. I covered a lot of the fundamentals, including a mental framework to help demystify why Vim is challenging …

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Godot You Want To Make A Videogame

What is Godot? It’s an open source game engine for making high quality 2D or 3D videogames! At this Frederick Linux User Group (KeyLUG) presentation, I explained how Godot works, …

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RFNM - Request For New Maintainer

What do you do when you know that you are no longer a good maintainer for a open source software project? You can step away gracefully by requesting help from the community. This post will …

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handroll, sitemaps, and robots.txt

Make a sitemap that Google can find using new features available in handroll 3.1. In a few steps, you can improve the visiblity of your website to search engine crawlers.

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Extending handroll for fun

Show how to create an entire handroll extension from scratch

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handroll 1.1 released

A release announcement for handroll 1.1

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handroll: a simple website generator

Introduction of handroll website generator tool

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tappity tap TAP tappy

Introduction of TAP tools for Python

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Test your packaging

It’s embarassing when you release a package to PyPI, and the package is totally broken. I know because it happened to me. This post explores using Travis CI and Tox to test Python …

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MarkWiki 1.3 released

MarkWiki 1.3 release announcement

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MarkWiki 1.2 released... now actually somewhat useful

MarkWiki 1.2 release announcement

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Java: a bad choice for FOSS

A description of the pain encountered with contributing to Java FOSS

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Code cleanup with Pylint

Static analysis is a useful tool to help with open source projects. This post looks at Pylint, a tool for making better Python code.