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Supercharging Vim: Blazing fast search and global replace

Vim has good built-in search features. We can turn them into great search features and supercharge our workflows with some plugins and settings changes. Learn how to make your searches …

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Supercharging Vim: Navigate files instantly

When working on a software project, you have to manage lots of files. If you could navigate to the right file in a couple of keystrokes, how much would that speed up your workflow? In this …

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Supercharging Vim: Instant testing

Automated tests are extremely valuable when writing code. The faster you can get feedback that your code is correct, the quicker you’ll finish a task. In this post, learn how to run …

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Supercharging Vim: Using plugins

Vim is an extremely powerful text editor. With no setup, you can do amazing work, however, you can supercharge Vim by extending it with plugins. This blog series will show how to get the …

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A currentUser service for Ember with JWT

As a user of Ember Simple Auth and Ember Simple Auth Token, I needed to show an authenticated user for College Conductor. By making a currentUser service, my application could access the …

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Monitor Ember app errors with Rollbar

Using Rollbar in your Ember application can give you eyes on the same errors that your users encounter. Learn how you can add Rollbar into your application.

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Using Segment with Ember.js

Ember CLI makes using Segment a snap. Learn about the core features of ember-cli-segment.

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Extending handroll for fun

Show how to create an entire handroll extension from scratch

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Connect Python objects to blinker signals

Do you need a way to trigger some Python code to run when a certain event happens? Blinker is a Python package that makes this kind of feature possible with something called signals. Learn …

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Toying with Statsd and Graphite

In this post, I describe my experience with setting up Statsd and Graphite. Statsd and Graphite work together to make custom monitoring of your web services a snap to get going.

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A complete guide to i18n in Python

The world speaks far more than English. To broaden the reach of an application, developers should internationalize the text to other languages to reach a bigger audience. This is a complete …

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A "simple" D3.js area chart

A step-by-step walkthrough of a D3.js area chart. This post covers each piece needed to create an area chart from a list of JavaScript data.

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Java, Eclipse, and Maven altogether

This post focuses on my experience of setting up Java projects using the most popular tools available.