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Team Topologies: a review

Does your team’s organizational structure make sense for your company? Team Topologies provides a way to think about building teams. This review blends my own experience with the views …

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The Pragmatic Programmer revisited

The Pragmatic Programmer is one of the most influential books in my professional career. With more than seven new years of experience since my first reading, I re-read the book to compare it …

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Reading through the Python standard library

What I learned about the Python standard library by reading all of it and how you can apply those learnings to your own study.

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Advanced Rails

A book review of ‘Advanced Rails’

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

A review of “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture”

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial

A review of “Ruby on Rails Tutorial”

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Dreaming in code

A review of “Dreaming in Code”

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ØMQ: A dynamic book with surprises

A review of “ZeroMQ”

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Office Zen

A review of “Peopleware”

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A Layman's walk through Code

A review of “Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software”

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Should you cp from copywriters?

A review of “The Copywriter’s Handbook”

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It's fun -> ok!

A review of “learn you some Erlang for great good!”

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Pretty Perl and maintainability

Perl has a bad reputation of being a “write only language.” There are ways of writing quality Perl code and Perl Best Practices covers many of those ways.

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JavaScript has “Good Parts”!? Yes, it does.

JavaScript: The Good Parts showed me that JavaScript can be a reasonable language. Read on to learn how the book did that.

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Perl Testing: A Developer’s Notebook

How can you get better at testing in Perl? This post reviews a book that focuses on automated testing in Perl.

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Test Driven Development woes

This post reviews Test Driven Development: By Example. I struggled with using the material in the context of a complex legacy system without tests.