A View From Start To Finish - Building SaaS #60


In this episode, I created a view to add students from beginning to the end. I used Error Driven Development to guide what I needed to do next to make the view, then wrote tests, and finished it all off by writing the template code.

At the start of the episode, I gave a quick overview of the models in my application and which models I planned to focus on for the stream.

We worked on a view to add students. I did this using a technique that I called Error Driven Development. With this strategy, I started with what I wanted and followed the error messages to drive to what I needed to write. Django’s error messages are good enough to show what was needed for each step.

After creating a view that didn’t error anymore, I filled in some tests to prove that the view behaved in the way I wanted.

Finally, I wrote the template that provides the proper data for the newly created view.

Once the template was complete, I did one manual end-to-end test to confirm that the template and view worked together. I verified in the Django admin that the view created a new student.