UX Polish - Building SaaS #90


In this episode, I worked on more customer requests to refine the user interface. We added a new convenient shortcut button and included additional information and links on the course detail view.

I’m continuing on my path to include the changes that my customer wants as she running a school year for the first time.

The first change was to add a new button on the student’s view of a course. The button added the ability to create a new task for a course.

The second change was a change to the course detail page. My customer wanted the ability to see what student’s are enrolled in a course on the course detail page. We had to fetch new data for the context, then render the information in a loop.

Finally, I finished off the stream with exploring how to improve the flow for deletion of a task. I worked through some changes, but I ultimately didn’t like where it was going so I undid the change and talked about what I may do in the future to fix the problem in a better way.