Testing Email Designs - Building SaaS #86


In this episode, I worked on the sign up confirmation email design. We customized the template and used MailHog to test the flow and see how the email appeared. After working on the email design, we switched to the landing page of the site to work on the pricing information.

I started the stream by explaining that I’m working through some final tasks before launching the app more publicly. I covered why I am planning to send a sign up email and why I want to customize it.

While building the email, I made a mistake in the file naming and had to dig through the django-allauth source code to try to figure out what went wrong. Sometimes exploring source code of other projects is what you need to do.

Once I corrected the mistake, I showed how to use MailHog to act as a local email receiver with a web-based viewer. By using MailHog, we checked the styling of the email to make sure it matched my expectations.

Before moving on, I made sure to build the plain text version of the email as well as the HTML version.

After finishing the email, I switched over to the landing page and turned my attention to the pricing section. I spent the rest of the stream trying to style the pricing section to my liking.