Rendering Calendars - Building SaaS #68


In this episode, I worked on rendering a calendar of important events in a school year. We built out the appropriate data structures, and I wrote some new model methods and added tests.

On the last stream, I created a new model to track breaks in the school year. The app now shows the calendar for the school year, and I want to display the breaks on the calendar.

Before digging too far into the code, I provided my thoughts about using Docker for development from a question that came from the chat.

I created some breaks so that we could see the data on the calendar. Then we made some changes to the calendar builder to include the break days. To do that, I needed a new model method to query the school year for any breaks that happen on a particular date. We added unit tests to the new method.

Once the date was available, I adjusted the templates to display the school breaks and style them in a nice manner.