Remodeling Data Relationships - Building SaaS #55


In this episode, we’re remodeling! I changed the model relationship between GradeLevel and Course from a ForeignKey (1 to many) to a ManyToManyField. We talked through the change and started fixing all the tests that broke.

After explaining the change that I wanted to make and why I want to make it, I explained how a foreign key and many to many relationship at the database level.

Once we had the conceptual foundation in place, I started with the documentation. We looked at the ManyToManyField and what changes were needed to convert a ForeignKey to a ManyToManyField.

After the change, we immediately saw the value of having a test suite that runs all the code. We ran the tests and see the test suite light up like a Christmas tree with errors.

For the remainder of the stream, I worked to fix errors in the suite by fixing the broken code and the broken tests.