Onboarding - Building SaaS #48


In this episode, we did some design work to plan out the onboarding flow for new users. I spoke through my design process, outlined what a new user will need to do to succeed, wrote down the plan in GitHub issues, then started to implement that flow.

I started the stream with a quick fix to the main app view.

After that, we started a new project in the app. I needed to design the starting experience for a user.

I explained to the stream all of the data that a user needs to be successful with the app. We looked at django-extensions and the graph of all the models that it can produce.

After we had the data in mind, I listed the steps required to get that minimal set of data. We put all those ideas into GitHub and put together a GitHub milestone to track the work.

Once the work was set, we got started on the onboarding flow. We finished the stream by connecting that onboarding starting point to the signup page.