Hackathon App - Building SaaS #61


In this episode, we took a break from the regular app to work on an app for a local hackathon that I’m participating in. My team is building a mobile web app for the homeless around Frederick, MD. In this stream, we cranked through some modeling, admin building, a couple of pages, tests, and templates! We got a lot done!

The virtual hackathon running in Frederick is split into multiple teams serving three different community groups around Frederick county. My team is working on an mobile responsive web app for SHIP, the Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership. After explaining the basics of what the app should do, we got started.

I made a new app called announcements to provide a good home for an Announcement model that will be one of the big features of the app. I wrote tests for the model, added a factory, and created the admin interface.

Once the basics of the model were set, I added ordering on the model because the display of announcement should be ordered by the expiration date.

We finished the model and switched to building a page. The first page needed was a page to display a service category. I used a DetailView, connected it to the index page via a hyperlink in the template, then proceeded to write the tests to build out the view. I also showed how to add additional context to the view to also display the services related to the category.

The last thing we did was build another page to show details about a particular service. This page was similar to the ServiceCategory page so this view was quick to crank out.