Customer Requests - Building SaaS #88


In this episode, I worked on some customer requests now that I’ve finished launching the product. These requests improved the usability of the application in a few spots that were lacking.

The first request from the customer was to make it clear on the daily view when tasks are graded or not. Before I could change the template, I need to add a new method to the CourseTask to check if the task is graded. Once that interface was done, I was able to update the styling of the template to include grades. To finish the change, we had to make some changes to make sure that the page still prints properly.

The second request was to make deleting a task return to the place where the user started. This change required me to include a next query parameter on some URLs so that the delete confirmation page can redirect back to the original page.

The third and final request was to include a link back to the main application from the documentation page. Unfortunately, the Sphinx theme did not make this possible by default. I had to override the theme by extending one of the theme templates and changing a template block to have the link that I expected.