Capped Social Network - Building SaaS #76


In this episode, I started a new project to build a different kind of social network. This social network will contain a max number of connections to encourage thoughtful choice when growing your personal network. We talked MVP features and put in the basics of a Django app.

I had a wild thought to build a social network with a capped number of connection in the hope that users would choose their connections based on people that they really care about. To get that idea out of my head, I started a social network repo.

The first part of the stream outlines the vision behind this new network. Then I laid out the primary rules that would make this kind of network work.

Along the way, we brainstormed about privacy, access control, viable business models, invitations and virality, and other topics related to a social network. I came up with the Minimum Viable Product of features that could make a compelling app.

Once we did all the design thinking, I started a Django project. We borrowed heavily from my experience building the homeschool app that I’m normally building and got the site up on Heroku.

In the future, I’ll be doing streams on either the homeschool app or this new social network.