Building SaaS with Python and Django

On Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern Time, I develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) on Twitch.

We work with code from my Django-based SaaS product, College Conductor. The stream is episodic and covers ongoing features and problems of the site.

My primary goal is to teach people about the Django web framework and Python.

Django is a big web framework so I share my experience from using the project for 5+ years.

Since College Conductor is a full service with more features than a Django demo site, I can work on challenges that people won’t see when reading the Django docs (even though the docs are great).

This page contains show notes and links to each stream. Join me live if you’re interested!

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User Accounts With django-allauth - Building SaaS #41

In this episode, we added django-allauth to create accounts that default to email instead of using usernames. We added the package, configured some templates, and created tests.

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  • #auth

Make A Custom User Model - Building SaaS #40

In this episode, we started a users app and hooked up the custom user model feature of Django to unlock the full extensibility of that model in the future.

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  • #django-environ
  • #django-debug-toolbar

django-environ and django-debug-toolbar - Building SaaS #39

In this episode, we set up a couple of tools that will be at the base of development. The first tool was django-environ to control Django settings from environment variables. The second tool was the django-debug-toolbar to help with debugging pages in future work.

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  • #Heroku

New Project, Who Dis? - Building SaaS #38

In this episode, we started a brand new project! I had some internet troubles so this “stream” is actually a local recording from my computer. We created a new Django project from scratch and set up Heroku to handle deployments.

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  • #failure
  • #retrospective

Lessons From A Failed SaaS - Building SaaS #37

In this episode, we talked about the things I learned from my SaaS project and some of the reasons why it failed to succeed financially. We dug into the technical and marketing challenges that I faced and what went wrong.

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  • #Configuration
  • #Goodconf

Configurama - Building SaaS #36

In this episode, we turned our attention to handling settings and configuration. We discussed different techniques for handling settings, looked at available tools, and started integrating one of the tools into the project.