Which Django Version Should I Use?

Django is a big and popular web framework for Python to help you build a web app. Which Django version should you use?

If you’re starting a Django web app, use the latest version of Django available.

Why listen to me? I’m a software developer with over 7 years of professional Django experience. I work at companies that use Django successfully at the core of their business.

I’ll explain why you should use the latest.


If you’re asking yourself which version to use, there are a probably a couple of reasons.

  1. You’ve found learning resources online that mention different versions of Django.
  2. The Django project download page has an overwhelming amount of information about different versions.

So, here’s the core reason why you should use the latest version:

Django is a very mature web framework (first released in 2005) that is extremely stable.

What does that stability provide for you?

  • Modern versions of Django are released at very regular intervals. This interval is not too fast. Unlike like some other libraries out there, upgrading is not an exhausting treadmill of change.
  • New versions of Django have very few barriers when updating. This is the benefit you get from a mature and stable project. Any required changes between versions are extremely well documented in each version’s release page.

All this means that you get to spend less time focusing on your web framework tool choice and more time focusing on your web app.

Django also has Long Term Support (LTS) versions. I don’t think that the average developer or company should use them. If you upgrade from an older LTS to a newer LTS, there are going to be more changes. Each Long Term Support version is farther from the next than compared to regular version upgrades.

Long Term Support versions are specifically targeted at companies that have slow and cumbersome upgrade cycles where it’s difficult to integrate new versions.

Django’s stong stability guarantees make picking the latest version of the framework a no brainer for new web applications.

pip install Django and good luck!

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I hope that explains why you should pick the latest version.

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