Building SaaS in January

Here’s a recap of what happened on the Building SaaS with Python and Django stream this past month.

If some of these topics interest you, check them out! If you want to join live in the future, I stream live on Twitch on Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern time in the U.S. at

Completing a 3rd party integration

We spent some weeks in December building a 3rd party integration into College Conductor (the SaaS project that the stream focuses on).

This episode was the bow on top to finish off the integration.

Creating an admin dashboard

The next focus in the stream is building some tools to help with backend tasks. Before we can do that, we need a home for those tools to live so in this episode, I showed how to build an admin dashboard to keep tools for user with extra privileges.

Semi-automated tasks

In this episode, we hooked a tool into our new admin dashboard that would help with decision making of some data processing.

We built a view to display the data for the tool and discussed how writing a little bit of code can save huge chunks of time for tasks that might otherwise take many hours of manual effort.

Automation aides

This episode completes the automation tool that we started in the previous week.

I showed how to generate HTML forms pre-populated with all the right information from the data to transform our tedious task at hand into something that can be completed with a few mouse clicks.

All of these streams are designed with teaching in mind. If you have questions about web development that you need some help on, please join in! I happily take viewer questions and do my best to answer them. See you on Twitch.