New Job: Doctor on Demand

Within the last month, I’ve joined a new company. I’m now a senior software engineer at Doctor on Demand. This is my first foray into a healthcare company so I’m excited about all the new things that I’ll be exposed to.

Doctor on Demand is a leader in telemedicine. The service brings doctors directly to patients via video calls. These doctors are able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for many of the common health problems that primary care providers usually see. By meeting over video calls, patients are seen far faster than going on a trip to their local physician.

Working on a service that augments patient care is pretty amazing! I like knowing that my work will help families connect with doctors as medical problems arise.

Specifically, my job is on the backend team where I will write business logic using Django. With four years of experience with Django from Storybird, I think I’m well equipped to make a strong contribution to the new team.

On the flip side, I’m so thankful for the time that I had at Storybird. I loved working with a team that cared deeply about inspiring kids to write.

My time at Storybird grew me in many ways.

  • I learned a ton about building web applications that serve massive amounts of people.
  • I experienced what it’s like to lead a team of developers.
  • I saw how the sausage is made in the life of a startup.

I’m humbled knowing that (literally!) millions of students used Storybird during my time there. Not everyone gets an opportunity to have so much impact, so I’m totally grateful for the experience.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The new job has me learning new code and new processes. I’m meeting new people and forging new relationships. Additionally, my son begins kindergarten in the fall so there will be even more change coming as this new phase of life begins.

I’m looking forward to the challenge.