MarkWiki 1.3 released

MarkWiki 1.3 is now packaged and uploaded to PyPI. This release includes two notable features.

  1. MarkWiki now has a built-in search engine. All wiki pages are indexed by the search engine whenever pages are added, modified, or deleted. This should be a big boon to finding relevant information. The new search engine is powered by Whoosh, a pure Python search tool, so there is no need to install search tools from other languages.
  2. New users can self-register on a MarkWiki installation that uses authentication. MarkWiki 1.2 required an administrator to create new accounts. That restriction worked, but it was not scalable for larger instances.

You can install this version with:

$ pip install MarkWiki

The user documentation is available at The developer documentation is at Read the Docs. You can also track the source code directly on GitHub.

Thanks to Lukas Michelbacher for pointing out that the 1.2 release had broken packaging (and sorry to anyone that affected). I’ve taken steps to help avoid situations like that by using continuous integration for MarkWiki via Travis CI. I hope this helps future releases maintain high quality.

Have fun!