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MarkWiki 1.2 released... now actually somewhat useful

My pet project, MarkWiki, has reached a point of maturity where other people may actually be interested in using it. I started writing MarkWiki back in May as a way to keep my Python skills sharp, but it appears to be a capable tool now.

MarkWiki is a wiki that uses the Markdown plain text formatting language. Markdown let’s you do things in plain text like adding * to a word like *boom* to italicize it. The source text gets converted into pretty HTML.

In this release, I added user authentication so not every person on the Internet can delete anything they want on your MarkWiki site. The release also incorporates Bootstrap 3 so all pages are now completely mobile responsive.

You can check out the docs at http://pythonhosted.org/MarkWiki/ or lend a hand on GitHub. Other features for the release are in the release notes.

Or… if you’re like me, you can play around with it:

$ pip install MarkWiki

Matt Layman

Matt Layman is a software engineer from Frederick, MD. He is an open source software maintainer and advocate for the Python programming language.

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